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How We Work

Take a look at how we work in providing our services.  Here, we explain how we work with you concerning tax guidance.  You can access explanations of our other services from the sidebar on this page.

Tax Guidance

Establish if, because of your circumstances, you need to complete a tax return or check whether something you have done is taxable.

If your affairs are straightforward, appoint us to complete your tax return.

Otherwise, ask us to suggest a short list of accounting professionals to handle this for you.


Consider shifting ownership of taxable assets to make the most of your and your partners allowances.  Take decisions now which minimise current tax liabilities and are likely to reduce taxes later.  Consider joint ownership to make sure CGT exemptions are fully utilised.


Seek Specialist Advice
We will refer you to an appropriate specialist if we spot a point of concern.


NB - tax planning guidance is not an activity regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.