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Stress Free Financial Planning

Stress Free Financial Planning

Find out what matters to you
Agree a comfortable plan
Choose solutions that work

Made to measure financial decisions

Free Financial Planning Review

Free Financial Planning Review

A free review service exclusively available to registered users of ...

A risk free service to make sure your finances are well-organised.

Free Initial Meeting

Contact us and tell us what concern you have regarding your finances.  We may even be able to help you without a meeting.

If it appears likely you will benefit from advice, we will request you to complete a fact gathering questionnaire for us to review before our first meeting.

At the meeting, we will develop a wider awareness of what you are trying to achieve and, if we think it is possible we can help you, we will outline an appropriate fee.

If you ask us to perform a quality check of your some of your investment funds, and we will ask you to pay agree a discounted fee of £15 per checked fund to provide you with a brief quality check analysis.  A deeper analysis may cost more, but we never start work without your prior agreement.

Free Objective Setting Meeting

Our first meeting may have ended with you requesting an in depth discussion focussed on your objectives and our broad recommendations. This is what we call an objective setting meeting.

We will present you with a written summary of our understanding of your situation and what you are aiming to achieve and explain points we consider appropriate to your situation and objectives.

At the end of this meeting, we will either have helped you enough so that you need no further help or there will be changes to make in which event you may ask us to produce a detailed recommendation report.

Only if we are both in agreement that further action is needed will we agree a fee with you to complete the work.