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How We Work

Take a look at how we work in providing our services.  Here, we explain how we use generally available IT solutions and how we develop our own.  You can access explanations of our other services from the sidebar on this page.

IT Solutions

Public Solutions
We offer IT solutions to financial advisers in the form of software designed to produce high quality suitability reports with reduced effort.


Private Solutions
Our approach to software tools is to use what has already been developed wherever possible.

If, however, what we need has not yet been developed or has been but does not work well, we develop our own software tools.


Our Investment Analysis Tool
For investment analysis, we use the market leading tool of its kind, FE Analytics.

Our Product Research Tool
For research into products, we use Defaqto Engage.

Our Mind Map Tool
Mind mapping for both internal and web publishing purposes is done with Mindjet's MindManager, probably the best tool of its kind.