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How We Work

Take a look at how we work in providing our services.  Here, we explain how we work on providing you with investment advice.  You can access explanations of our other services from the sidebar on this page.

Investment Advice

Determine Risk Tolerance
A degree of tolerance to fluctuations in value of your investments is an essential characteristic of nearly all investors.

With that in mind, we discover your risk tolerance by systematically asking common sense questions about how you approach life risks in general and how you have emotionally reacted to any previous loss incidents.


Assess Loss Capacity
We discuss by reference to your experience what level of loss tolerance is appropriate for you and use a proprietary method to calculate the extent to which your overall financial situation allows you to bear investment losses and fluctuations.


Negotiate Performance Parameters
You tell us what average  performance you would like to target and how much fluctuation in value you will tolerate in pursuit of that performance.  We then advise what combinations are likely to work.


Portfolio Selection
Help is then given for you to choose a portfolio, and we then oversee it to make sure it works as it should.

We employ powerful analytics tools to help objectively discriminate between investment managers on the basis of quality.


N.B. Investments may fall as well as rise in value and past performance may not be a useful guide to future performance.