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How We Work

Take a look at how we work in providing our services.  Here, we explain how we work on your financial plan.  You can access explanations of our other services from the sidebar on this page.

Financial Planning

Having some idea of where you are headed is aided tremendously by setting out in broad terms an outline of what you are trying to achieve.

We help by discussing your plan, clarifying our understanding of your thoughts and offering practical guidance to support your intention.


We help refine your thinking by using our own lifetime cash flow forecasting tools.

These can be helpful to assess whether it makes sense to release cash from your pension in retirement, working out what estate planning actions can be taken without depleting your resources too much and other things like stress testing your capacity to sustain an investment loss.


We use proprietary tools to assess on a case by case basis things like the cost efficiency drag of arranging an insured solution to reduce Inheritance Tax as compared with a different approach.


Lastly, comes the recommendation which is the final step based on your input plus our calculations and analysis.