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Established as a trusted adviser

Established as a trusted adviser

Bluegrove and its previous advisory "incarnations" has been offering financial advice to the public for more than 29 years.

Economic booms have been followed by crashes, and we are humbled by the fact that nearly all of Bluegrove's clients have experienced the value of our advice irrespective of the economic climate.  Long may that continue.

N.B. Bluegrove is not able to predict economic or market conditions.  Markets may fall as well as rise.


Shared Screen Meetings


If we need to show you something between meetings, we can do so using a shared screen utility, Teamviewer. This way, we can hold a confidential discussion in a way which would otherwise not be possible without a face to face meeting.

Staying Private


We adapt the way we communicate according to your privacy needs. We can communicate via normal email, encrypted email or a secure private messaging system hosted on our website.

Standard Forms


To put you in control, we have a repository of standard documents and forms which are secure from snoopers while being viewed and downloaded.