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Our Advice Process

At Bluegrove, we offer one comprehensive service and, to keep our explanation straight forward, we divide it into two elements described below.

New Client Advice

New clients are invited to a free initial meeting, and we supply you with a form to complete before the meeting so that we have a good idea of your situation before the meeting starts.

To make sure we get to properly understand your objectives, we impose no time limit on this meeting.

The purpose of this first meeting is to determine if and how we can help.  At the end of this meeting, you may ask us to research and recommend a set of actions which match your objectives.

The second time we meet, we will present you with a summary of our understanding of your situation and objectives with some firm financial planning suggestions.  This meeting is subject to a discounted charge.  We will discuss and agree which actions you would like to take.

At this point, we will agree an appropriate fee to produce a full report with formal recommendations and subsequent implementation.

Review Service

Having established an initial set of actions, you may ask that we meet regularly to review your situation and discuss any additional steps. The review service generally involves an annual meeting, although this can be more frequent.

We prepare an up to date statement of your affairs in advance of the review meeting and discuss it with you.  If your objectives have altered or become better defined, we will respond with adjusting recommendations.